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Featured Graduates of Spring 2019

image of a graduation mortarboard with a pitchfork on it

At the close of the fall and spring semesters, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering recognizes select members of the graduating class for demonstrating academic excellence, extraordinary leadership and community service.

Students chosen as Outstanding Graduates are honored for their exemplary academic performance and participation in activities that enhance their engineering skills. Students receiving the IMPACT Award have been singled out for their leadership, volunteer and service roles that positively impact their communities.

These exceptional students have excelled in research, public service, entrepreneurship and outreach. From founding startups and student orgs to entering the workforce and pursuing advanced degrees, their efforts will leave a lasting impact on the Fulton Schools community, Arizona and around the world.

Read about the exceptional graduates of the spring 2019 class below.

Outstanding Graduates

portrait of Jessica Barnett

Jessica Barnett

Jessica Barnett isn’t your typical college student. She’s a first-generation, non-traditional transfer student who returned to school after raising four children.

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portrait of Roberta Bryant

Roberta Katherine Bryant

Ever since she was in high school, Roberta Katherine Bryant wanted to be an engineer. From watching every Apollo mission to living just outside the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, aerospace engineering and the space industry called to her.

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portrait of Marielle Debeurre

Marielle Debeurre

Marielle Debeurre believes there are almost no limits to what a person — especially an engineer — can do.

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portrait of Christopher Di Giulio

Christopher Di Giulio

Christopher Di Giulio wants to lead the world of engineering in a new direction, making an impact at the human-technology interface.

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portrait of Micheala Dye

Michaela Lynn Dye

Michaela Lynn Dye recalls that as a child she “was always asking my parents questions about how things worked or why certain things did what they did.” So mechanical engineering was a natural choice for her.

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portrait of Zakk Giacometti

Zakk Giacometti

Zakk Giacometti has always had a strong passion for building things, both physical and digital. He found the perfect combination of hardware and software in computer systems engineering.

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portrait of Meghan Iacuelli

Meghan Iacuelli

Before majoring in industrial engineering at ASU, Meghan Iacuelli earned a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona.

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portrait of Niharika Jain

Niharika Jain

To say Niharika Jain is a polymath may be a bit of an understatement. Her diverse interests have led to her graduating with major, two minors and a certificate.

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portrait of Jonathan Lyle

Jonathan Thomas Lyle

Nearly 15 years ago, Jonathan Thomas Lyle dropped out of high school and didn’t know what the future had in store for him. His future, though, turned out better than he could have expected.

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portrait of Molly Mays

Molly Mays

As a youngster growing up in Colorado, Molly Mays always imagined being on the plane going to exciting, faraway places. Now she is about to receive a degree in aerospace technology management.

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portrait of Hilary Merline

Hilary Merline

Hilary Merline says the most rewarding parts of her undergraduate years as a civil engineering major at Arizona State University have been finding her passion and believing in herself.

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portrait of Allison Meyer

Allison Meyer

Engineering was the right path for Allison Meyer as she has always had a passion for problem solving, math and science.

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portrait of Dylan Ottney

Dylan Ottney

Dylan Ottney’s unconventional path from an anti-tank guided missileman in the U.S. Marine Corps to an aerospace engineering major is now leading him to Harvard Law School in the fall.

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portrait of Corey Pearse

Corey Conrad Pearse

Corey Conrad Pearse’s experience in computer software, hardware and programming ignited a passion for engineering and technology and led him to discover his professional calling.

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portrait of Levi Riley

Levi Louis Riley

Improving the lives of others has been a lifelong goal for Levi Louis Riley. He aspires to practice medicine and raise the standard of care in his hometown.

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portrait of Wezley Sherman

Wezley Sherman

Wezley Sherman says if he were granted a superpower to apply to his work as an engineer, he would choose “the ability to slow down time,” enabling him to “work on more projects and help more people.”

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portrait of Benjamin Shindel

Benjamin Shindel

Benjamin Shindel has been an active participant within the materials science and engineering program and worked to help ensure the success of fellow students in the discipline.

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portrait of Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Colin Smith chose to study construction engineering because he wanted to learn the applied sciences, solve complex problems and still be able to practice and monitor progress in the field.

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portrait of Darren Smith

Darren Smith

Darren Smith wasn’t always convinced he’d become an engineer. But by prioritizing hard work, establishing relationships with faculty and engaging in the discipline through research, he knows he’s chosen the right field.

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portrait of Zachary Tronstad

Zachary Tronstad

Zachary Tronstad’s most rewarding experiences at Arizona State University have been helping people and finding inspiration to make an impact through engineering.

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portrait of Linzy Voytoski

Linzy Jane Voytoski

Linzy Jane Voytoski wanted to carry on the legacy of her “family of engineers” and found her niche in a major aligns with her passion for preserving the environment.

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Impact Award Winners

portrait of Ethan Barlow

Ethan Barlow

Ethan Barlow’s parents encouraged him to venture away from his home state for college. He knew he’d found his new home as soon as he set foot on the ASU campus.

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portrait of Ryan Borneman

Ryan Borneman

An early introduction to engineering principles and a desire to help others through a service-oriented mindset has driven Ryan Borneman’s commitment to using engineering to solve problems.

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portrait of Robert Chandler

Robert Chandler

Robert Chandler wants to use his experience in computer science to explore the ethics and public policy surrounding emerging technologies in the computing industry.

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portrait of Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez has demonstrated the defining qualities of a great leader by seizing every opportunity for personal and professional growth both within the Fulton community and abroad.

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portrait of Emily Gilmore

Emily Gilmore

Emily Gilmore had an immediate attraction to industrial engineering. It was the first degree program she explored on ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering website.

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portrait of Claire Jordan

Claire Jordan

The diversity of experiences and insights she gained while at ASU has given Claire Jordan the tools to excel in her career as a mechanical engineer.

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portrait of Mark Kapron

Mark Kapron

From a young age, Mark Kapron’s mom instilled in him a passion and curiosity for education, particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

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portrait of Philip Mulford

Philip Mulford

Philip Mulford distinguished himself as an undergraduate by meeting the rigorous academic requirements of an aerospace engineering major and being actively involved in various extracurricular activities.

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portrait of Emily Nugent

Emily Rose Nugent

A childhood enchantment with Disneyland and desire to understand how things work led Emily Nugent to a life-changing internship that’d help her define her academic and career goals.

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portrait of Nicholas Richards

Nicholas Richards

Nicholas Richards has been fascinated with electricity ever since he put together his first circuit in elementary school. Now graduating as a computer systems engineering major, he still marvels at computers.

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Convocation Speakers

portrait of Ethan Barlow

Ethan Barlow

Ethan Barlow’s parents encouraged him to venture away from his home state for college. He knew he’d found his new home as soon as he set foot on the ASU campus.

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portrait of Taylor Swanson

Taylor Swanson

Taylor Swanson’s knack for problem-solving and an early interest in engineering placed her on the path to excel as an electrical engineering major in the Fulton Schools.

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Palais Outstanding Doctoral Student Award

portrait of Houqiang Fu

Houqiang Fu

Electrical engineering doctoral graduate Houqiang Fu’s work on gallium nitride power electronics has earned him the 2019 Palais Outstanding Doctoral Student Award for research and academic excellence.

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