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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2019

Colin Smith

Colin Smith chose to study engineering because he wanted to be in a field where he could learn the applied sciences.

“I chose construction engineering because I like to be able to see my work,” says Smith. “Construction engineering is the perfect mix between solving complex problems and still being able to go out to the field and see the project progress.”

Growing up in Phoenix, Smith says he always loved being around Arizona State University.

“It seemed like a natural choice,” says Smith. “I have loved every minute of it, except for structures.”

Smith felt that Assistant Professor Steven Ayer in particular helped him grow as a student while in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

“Through the course of his class I was inspired by how technology can be implemented into construction to make projects more efficient,” says Smith.

The most rewarding thing about Smith’s time at ASU has been being around the innovative faculty and his fellow students.

“The atmosphere here at ASU is something I have never seen before, it is an exciting and hungry atmosphere that is so fun and motivating to be around.”

And it hasn’t been just the faculty who has been memorable for Smith. He appreciates his time outside the classroom as well. 

“One of the best memories from my time at ASU was going to the ASU versus U of A game in Tucson this past year and watching the Sun Devils win in Tucson,” he says. “Go Devils!”

Smith will be working for CHASSE Building Team, a construction company in Tempe, as a project engineer after graduation.

“I see my future as being able to be involved in some really cool projects that will influence the lives of lots of people for the better for years to come,” concludes Smith. “My dream is to be an expert in my field that gets to work with great coworkers and great clients.”

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