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Impact Award, Spring 2019

Claire Jordan

Getting involved and being a leader come easily for Claire Jordan. In addition to her academics, memberships in the Society of Women Engineers, Fulton Ambassadors, Swing Devils and the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative at Arizona State University have given Jordan the diversity of experiences and insights she will need to excel in her career as a mechanical engineer.

Jordan’s hard work in these organizations has elevated her to leadership roles in SWE, Fulton Ambassadors, Swing Devils and at the Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers.

“My long-term career aspirations are to make it into management. I have learned from my time at ASU that I love leadership and I hope to continue that throughout my career,” says Jordan.

While her time in organizations at ASU was paramount to her education, Jordan’s work interning with Texas Instruments, “changed my perspective on life.”

Living in Dallas, “…gave me a real understanding of what engineering is and why it matters. It showed me why my education matters and really gave me a sense of independence that I didn’t have previously,” says Jordan. “It showed me that hard work does pay off and gave me something to really look forward to in my life.”

Jordan attributes the mentorship of Timothy Takahashi, a professor of practice in the School for the Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, in FURI and her study abroad in England as an instrumental motivation in defining her research path for both her FURI project and Barrett, The Honor’s College thesis.

“He has taught me that life is not always what you think it should be, and sometimes you just have to keep going and fight for the change you want to see,” she says of Takahashi.

After graduating, Jordan plans to continue her internship with Texas Instruments in Portland, Maine. Then she’ll start master’s degree studies in the 4+1 program in mechanical engineering. When she’s completed graduate school, Jordan plans to continue her career with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas.

“My biggest achievement is that I was able to help people achieve their goals. I got to where I am because of the people who helped me along my journey through my undergraduate years,” says Jordan.

In addition to Timothy Takahashi, Jordan is especially grateful to other faculty and staff members in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering for their guidance, including Joyce Donahue, Kaely Graham, Daisy Loera, Ali Baumann and Brittney Tarrant.

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