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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2019

Marielle Debeurre

Marielle Debeurre believes there are almost no limits to what a person — especially an engineer — can do.

“Creativity and innovation drive change, and engineering is the pinnacle of all creativity,” Debeurre says.

Debeurre is happy she is a Sun Devil and had the opportunities an inclusive university provides for its students.

“Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to meet and whatever you want to learn, it’s at ASU,” says Debeurre, who earned the dean’s list and New American University Scholar President’s Award recognition every semester.

She took advantage of meeting other passionate engineers in the Society of Women Engineers. As a member of SWE’s leadership team, she helped coordinate outreach events, professional development, personal development, ASU promotions, SWE advocacy and ASU representation at conferences and professional settings.

“My personal biggest achievement in the club was being able to attend the WE’18 Conference and Career Fair on a KEEN scholarship,” Debeurre says. “I was able to take full advantage of the conference through KEEN’s generosity and learned so much about myself and who I want to be in my future professional setting.”

Besides studying engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, bilingual Debeurre graduated with a minor in French and wrote her honors thesis as a Barrett, The Honors College student in French literature. She has a passion for the arts as well as sports, and rounds out her STEM skills with playing the piano, drawing, running, soccer and surfing.

After she walks the stage with the special honor of being a Moeur Award recipient (earning a 4.0 with all credits taken at ASU) and having earned her master’s degree in mechanical engineering through the 4+1 accelerated master’s program, she’s not sure what’s next.

Debeurre knows one day she wants to be an executive in a large company and show the world that leaders can be anyone, from anywhere. In the meantime, she’s got more opportunities to seek out.

“I’m looking into doctoral studies, but also different companies and job opportunities,” Debeurre says. “The future seems bright for sure!”

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