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A good year to be an engineer: A recap of 2023

by Dec 28, 2023Features, Fulton Schools

At the Fulton Schools, we: cultivate excellence, deliver innovation that matters, encourage bold thinking, foster a community of learning and collaboration, and build a foundation for all to be successful.

From implementing new engineering projects and programs to cultivating connections in the community, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University has had an exciting and productive year.

The expansive range demonstrates how faculty and students have been guided by a robust vision of what it means to be a Fulton Schools engineer.

Revisit some of the year’s most popular stories published in our engineering news blog, Full Circle. We’ve selected articles that resonate with how members of the Fulton Schools community have demonstrated the five Fulton Schools values we strive to cultivate in our students. 

Though each of the following articles reflects multiple values — all of them rooted in striving for excellence, bold thinking and innovation, building community and collaboration — they are organized by how they relate to other stories in their category. The five Fulton Schools values are intended to guide and inspire success in a multitude of ways.

Let’s take a look at the ways Fulton Schools faculty members and students have shown their commitment to these values in 2023.

Cultivate excellence

Beyond being ranked No. 1 in innovation for a ninth consecutive year, members of the ASU community continue to collect accolades in a variety of pursuits. From the talent we recruit to the accomplishments of our alumni, we strive to honor the many demonstrations of excellence within our community.

M. Faisal Riyad using a 3D printer

Collaborating with the U.S. Department of Energy

Four new inductees into the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Hall of Fame – Jon Bayless, George Beakley Jr., Armand Neukermans and Margaret Woodward

Inducting 4 alumni into the Fulton Schools Hall of Fame

Ben Bartelle

Receiving NIH New Innovator Award

Rumpa Dey and Sanjay Paul

Honoring our alumni

Gerson Leonel in a lab

Pursuing fellowships

New faculty 2023-2024

Introducing new faculty

Deliver innovation that matters

The Fulton Schools is a research powerhouse driven by our faculty’s commitment to developing solutions for society’s critical needs. The faculty’s persistence and attention to detail in their research have led to advances in health care, security and sustainability across the globe.

10 people standing

Developing solutions for water management

Ying-Chen "Daphne" Chen stands in front of a screen with the moon on it while holding semiconductor material reflecting a sculpture of the Earth.

Taking semiconductor manufacturing to new heights

AI-generated graphic of a computer chip in a forest

Making eco-friendly microelectronics

graphic showing a strand of DNA

Optimizing RNA editing

graphic looking out a car windshield showing pedestrians in a crosswalk indicated as "obstacles"

Ensuring autonomous vehicle safety

A field of Taro in Hawaii

Combating food insecurity using AI

air traffic control

Revolutionizing air traffic control using AI

A crowd gathers near an electric autonomous vehicle on the ASU campus at an event

Advancing solid-state battery technology

Encourage bold thinking

The cornerstone of education is to introduce others to new ways of thinking that enable them to build upon the impactful work that has paved the path of progress.

The following articles recount examples of creative thinking that have sparked engineering ingenuity and nuanced conversations.

graduate student working in lab with green light

Supporting ASU-based startups

five electrical engineering students

Integrating open-source resources for semiconductor design

An image of proteins present in brain tissue.

Identifying signaling pathways in brain growth

Four people in hard hats and high-visibility vests work on a construction site.

Improving concrete design

AI generated image of a robot working as a painter

Discussing the ethics of content-generating AI

ANDI, an outdoor thermal manikin designed to provide a deeper understanding of hyperthermia.

Mimicking human reactions to extreme heat in a robot

Foster a community of learning and collaboration

We are not defined by who we exclude, but by whom we include. Diverse perspectives are required to solve diverse problems.

Here are several examples of members of the ASU community collaborating across national borders, research experience and areas of expertise to foster learning and collaboration.

Concrete foundations of a new building on the ASU Polytechnic campus.

Breaking ground to bolster industry collaboration

A sign in front of the ASU MacroTechnology Works building.

Establishing microelectronics prototyping facility

ASU Charter monument on ASU West campus

Introducing the School of Integrated Engineering at the ASU West campus

Visar Berisha

Supporting startups in the Balkan Peninsula

Three engineering students in gold t-shirts pose in a biomedical engineering classroom at ASU.

Promoting community within BMES

Greg Haggerty greeting students at Sun Devil Stadium

K-12 students tour ASU’s football stadium with the engineers who designed it

Electrical engineering major Jacob Burrows works on a FURI research project to improve semiconductor performance and longevity.

Forging new student research paths

Sun Devil Motorsports race car

Sun Devil Motorsports team speeds onto the international stage

Build a foundation for all to be successful

If the great challenges of engineering were easy to solve, they would have already been overcome. Tackling the unknown requires a patient and multidisciplinary approach that can rarely be achieved alone.

From creating facilities and programs to supplying funding and resources, the Fulton Schools provide a jumping-off point for countless engineering journeys.

Graphic of students working together at a table.

Improving engineering education for transfer students

Nadia Kellam

Inspiring equity-focused change in STEM education

Zachary Holman talks to a group of dignitaries

Hosting national industrial engineering microelectronics workshop

A close-up photo of gloved hands working with semiconductor chips.

Establishing the Microelectronics Workforce Development Hub

four people in a lab

Putting microelectronics to the test

Assistant Professor Bruno Azeredo and Graduate Research Associate Emmanuel Dasinor make manufacuring research advancements at ASU's Polytechnic campus

Debuting manufacturing engineering doctoral program

ASU graduate students

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

“Students need to see what they are learning in action. Being able to participate in events that validate what you are learning is inspiring. The earlier you can inspire a kid, the more passionate and driven they become in achieving their goals.”

Irvin Goutcher
Science teacher, ASU Preparatory Academy
“Inspiring the next generation of engineers”

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