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Adams is President’s Professor Award winner

December 21, 2009

Engineering professor James Adams has won the Arizona State University President’s Professor Award for 2009.

The award bestowed by ASU President Michael Crow recognizes tenured faculty who have made outstanding contributions to undergraduate education at Arizona State University.

Adams is chair of the undergraduate materials program in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical and Materials Engineering, a part of ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

President’s Professor Award winners are selected for their mastery of subject matter, enthusiasm and innovation in the learning and teaching process, the ability to engage students in and outside the classroom, innovation in course and curriculum design, and scholarly contributions, among other criteria.

In a statement announcing the award, President Crow noted Adams’ achievements in designing and teaching courses responsible for inspiring students to commit more fervently to careers in engineering and science.

Crow points to Adams’ work in developing courses and teaching materials that have had a national impact on engineering education methods. Adams has years of success in recruiting and advising students, and providing them opportunities to get involved in research. He has also helped students with job placement.

The President’s Professor Award is one of several major honors for teaching, research and public service that Adams has received during his career.

For details, see the official President’s Professors Award announcement.

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