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New Faculty Member, 2023–24

Zhicheng Guo

Assistant Professor, engineering programs

Zhicheng Guo says he was attracted to Arizona State University because he believes that the university’s mission has the power to change the world. 

Guo will join The Polytechnic School, part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, in January 2024 as a new assistant professor of engineering programs. 

“My research vision at ASU is to investigate power electronics technologies in the application of clean energy, electrifying transportation and electric vehicles and charging infrastructure,” he says.

Guo notes that his research interests include solid-state transformers, high-frequency magnetics, wide bandgap intelligent power modules, 60 hertz/high-frequency partial discharge and insulation design of modern power electronics systems.

Guo will teach a graduate-level power electronics course focusing on modern topics and practice. He says the course will cover selected topics on the power electronics circuit, including its components and system. 

The course will include a project emphasizing full-stack skills, including analysis, designing, prototyping with printed circuit boards, debugging and communication. Successful students in his course should have prior knowledge of power electronics circuiting and components and a fundamental understanding of systems.

“As a teacher, I look forward to sharing my experience with students,” he says. “As a researcher, I would like to make contributions toward clean energy development and applications, even on a small scale.”

Guo serves as a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE, Standard Committee P3105, a working group that explores the fundamental principles, advanced features and design requirements of solid-state transformers connected to electric grids. 

He also serves as a reviewer on multiple IEEE journals and has presented at several technical conferences.

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Written by Annelise Krafft

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