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New Faculty Member, 2023–24

Xiangyang Dong

Associate Professor, manufacturing engineering

Xiangyang Dong is excited to join Arizona State University because he wants to prepare engineering students for the future STEM workforce through hands-on research projects and diverse educational activities. He will be taking on a new role as an associate professor in the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks, part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, where this quest is also a priority.

“Manufacturing education and research will help drive economy-wide reductions in the carbon footprint and meet the nation’s climate economic goals,” he says.

In his mission to push manufacturing education forward, Dong will draw upon his own research experiences and encourage application-oriented learning in his additive manufacturing courses.

Further, Dong plans to leverage ASU’s entrepreneurial activities and the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks’ manufacturing momentum to make an even bigger splash.

His motivation to make strides in manufacturing comes from his interest in the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge, particularly in emerging areas.

“Pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing will open up new avenues to meet rapidly increasing demands in mobile electric technologies,” Dong says. “Developing cleaner, more energy efficient and smarter design and fabrication technologies will all contribute to a more sustainable future.”

His commitment to the field has earned him various accolades, however, one of his most notable accomplishments was the design and manufacturing of a structural-powered composite — “a disruptive, massless structural energy storage technology,” as Dong describes it, which earned him an ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award and various research grants. He looks forward to continuing to make impacts like these during his ASU career.

Apart from teaching and research initiatives, Dong enjoys hiking and jogging in his spare time.

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Written by Sona Srinarayana

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