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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Tyler Baron

Lecturer, Software engineering

Ever since Tyler Baron can remember, he has been interested in video games. Like so many people, he grew up playing them, but over time, they became more than a pastime. Baron decided to make them the focus of his career.

“I wanted to make games for the longest time. And while I still do, I started to focus in college on how games could be used for more than just entertainment,” he says. “That led me to games for education, and I’ve never seriously considered anything else.”

Baron comes to ASU after work as a software development engineer on the seller appeals team at Amazon. He also previously taught for both the computer science and the software engineering departments at ASU’s Tempe and Polytechnic campuses. Having been both a student and a teacher here, Baron says he is looking forward to his return.

“I really enjoyed my time here and wanted to come back,” Baron says. “I’m looking forward to continuing research in game-based learning since I didn’t have a research position or the time for research while working in industry. So, I’m eager to pick back up where I left off.”

Baron will apply his expertise in the fields of game-based learning, educational games and software engineering by teaching multiple software enterprise courses. He sarcastically quips that his students should be prepared for bad jokes.

When he is not in the classroom, Baron enjoys spending his time — not surprisingly — playing video games. In fact, he regularly streams on Twitch and invites his students to check it out.

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