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New Faculty Member, 2023–24

Nouh Talal Alhindawi

Associate Teaching Professor, software engineering

Nouh Talal Alhindawi is driven to understand how things work and discover innovative ways to solve real-world problems. Arizona State University’s shared commitment to use-inspired research and innovation impressed him and was one of many reasons he decided to join the faculty.

“I’m keen to make significant contributions to my field at this outstanding institution,” says Alhindawi, who joins the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence, part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, as an associate teaching professor of software engineering this fall.

He says the university’s engaging environment of academic excellence, collaborative research opportunities, industry connections and supportive community with a diverse student body also made ASU a good place to take the next step of his career. 

In the 2022–23 academic year, Alhindawi was the assistant of the president of Jadara University in Jordan. Tasked with supervising the university’s digital transformation, he provided guidance to both the online center and the computer center. This dual responsibility underscored his commitment to enhancing the university’s technological capabilities and online educational offerings. Alhindawi’s efforts played a vital role in advancing the university’s technological initiatives and adapting to the evolving landscape of higher education.

At ASU, he is looking forward to collaborating with his software engineering colleagues to develop the curriculum.

“It presents a wonderful opportunity to design educational experiences that are relevant and aligned with the needs of the industry,” Alhindawi says. “Seeing well-equipped students ready for the industry is incredibly rewarding.”

In Fall 2023, Alhindawi will be teaching three courses. CSE 240 Introduction to Programming Languages will teach fundamental concepts of different programming languages; SER 415 Software Enterprise Inception and Elaboration will focus on the initial phases of professional software development, including project planning and requirements gathering; and SER 517 Software Factory Capstone will involve a hands-on project developing a complete software system.

“Overall, students should expect engaging and challenging experiences, gaining essential programming skills, teamwork abilities and insights into real-world software development scenarios,” Alhindawi says. 

”Seeing well-equipped students ready for the industry is incredibly rewarding,” he adds.

The Software Enterprise course will be delivered through ASU Online. One of Alhindawi’s proudest achievements occurred in 2021 when he received recognition from the prime minister of Jordan for his pivotal role in developing a plan for online learning in the country’s online higher education system. 

He was also recognized numerous times by Jordan’s minister of higher education and scientific research and the head of the Higher Education Accreditation Commission, which acknowledged his contributions and active participation in education committees. 

The continuous evolution of software engineering keeps Alhindawi interested in this field, and he is motivated by contributing to innovative solutions and improving lives through software development.

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Written by Monique Clement

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