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New Faculty Member, 2020–21

Nicole Ang-Wanek


Nicole Ang-Wanek returns to her alma mater as a lecturer after earning her master’s degree in computer science in 2015. Since her time as a student, Ang-Wanek has worked as a software engineer for Garmin International.

“Computer science is a subject that allows people to work in many areas,” says Ang-Wanek. “I enjoy working in this field and hope I can inspire others to tackle new challenges and enjoy each step of [their] progress.”

Ang-Wanek will be teaching first-year courses, including FSE 100: Introduction to Engineering. She says that students should be prepared to learn how to work with others to complete group projects and be open to helping others outside of the classroom.

“I studied at ASU and experienced many things,” says Ang-Wanek. “I want to share skills that I learned with future engineers and help the community improve the aspects that I found tough when I was a student.”

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