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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Majid Minary

Associate Professor, Mechanical and aerospace engineering

For Majid Minary, having the chance to teach at a place like Arizona State University was an unparalleled opportunity. The university’s commitment to innovation and research — especially in the manufacturing field — was particularly important to him.

“I find ASU a world-renowned institution with visionary leadership,” says Minary, lauding “the investments that the institution has made and their belief in opportunities that advanced manufacturing can provide for the society and for the students.”

Minary will be teaching advanced manufacturing, mechanical behavior of materials and structural mechanics in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy. He says that in his classes, he will have a keen focus on fundamentals toward specific real-life applications.

“I love involving students in research in their early undergraduate years,” says Minary. “I am looking forward to forming collaborations with ASU faculty from various disciplines.”

In fact, research has always been an integral part of Minary’s career. Early in his career, he received the Young Investigator Research Program grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to design high-performance materials inspired by bone that can reinforce itself under high stress. This critical research can be used for aircraft and other defense applications, but also elucidate the understanding of bone diseases like osteoporosis.

“I like developing technologies aimed at particular applications,” says Minary, who has been the recipient of two Department of Defense Young Investigator awards. “Mechanicals-materials-manufacturing synergy is the tool that allows my teams to tackle multidisciplinary problems.”

He also earned the Junior Faculty Research Award as an assistant professor at the University of Texas-Dallas School of Engineering.

Outside of teaching and research, Minary enjoys spending time in nature and exploring different cuisines. He is an avid sports fan, which makes his move to ASU an ideal fit. He is looking forward to living in Arizona, and is excited to attend sporting events both on campus and around the Phoenix area.

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