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New Faculty Member, 2022–23

Kristen Hurtado

Lecturer, Construction management

Kristen Hurtado says she has been pulled back to Arizona State University a number of times throughout her professional and academic career.

“I keep coming back because of the amazing leadership and my deep desire to help students better prepare themselves for successful careers,” she says.

Hurtado earned all four of her degrees at ASU. They include a bachelor of science degree in construction management, a master’s degree in educational technologies, a Master of Science in facilities management and a doctorate in construction management. During her graduate years, she worked in the construction industry with a number of large companies facilitating projects. However, feeling that pull to return to ASU once again, she returned in 2016 as an assistant research professor.

“At a young age, I developed a love for math and science and stayed with the built environment as it’s responsible for our critical infrastructure,” Hurtado says. “Our infrastructure needs work and change is constant, so this field keeps me intrigued and busy!”

She is now gearing up for a new role as a lecturer with the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, one of the seven schools in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Hurtado will be focusing on construction statics and computers in construction.

“Those two topics are quite different with the first being highly theoretical and the second being highly practical,” she says. “Students should be prepared for learning and applying what I’m teaching them in “real life” right away, when possible.”

Hurtado says she wants students to take advantage of any opportunities they are presented with, having earned the opportunity to carry out research as a Fullbright Scholar in Italy herself.

“I highly recommend spending time in a country that is foreign to you as a student, as you will benefit from your experiences and learn so much about yourself and others,” she says. “I’m excited to explore how I can leverage what I’ve learned in working with hundreds of professionals in industry to better help prepare students for their future careers — both what to do and what not to do.”

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Written by Monica Williams

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