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New Faculty Member, 2023–24

Hua Wei

Assistant professor, computer science

Hua Wei’s engineering is fueled by the thrill of problem-solving, the potential to change lives and the desire to build a better world through data-driven innovations.

The new assistant professor of computer science in the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence, part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, comes to ASU after two years as an assistant professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Wei joined ASU due to its reputation for pioneering research and was enticed by its dedication to addressing real-world challenges.

“ASU’s vibrant academic community, with its interdisciplinary approach and focus on impactful research, aligns seamlessly with my passions,” Wei says. “I am eager to contribute to the university’s mission of advancing knowledge and making a positive impact in the field of computer science and engineering.”

He is excited to take part in collaborative research with ASU’s esteemed faculty members. Working alongside brilliant minds from diverse fields offers him an opportunity for personal and professional growth. He is also enthusiastic about mentoring students and witnessing their intellectual development. For him, the joy of guiding the next generation of computer scientists and engineers is unparalleled.

Wei will be teaching CSE 572 Data Mining, which provides students with a dynamic and hands-on learning experience. He emphasizes practicality and critical thinking, encouraging students to embrace new concepts and stay at the forefront of cutting-edge techniques. Wei says strong programming and mathematical foundations will be valuable assets for students in his classes.

Among his notable achievements, Wei received the Best Data Science Paper Award at the European Conference on Machine Learning in 2020, acknowledging his significant contributions to the field of data science. He has a great appreciation for the impact of his research and the ability to transform lives through data-driven solutions.

“What truly excites and fulfills me is the real-world impact of my research,” Wei says. “Seeing my work applied in practical settings and making a difference in people’s lives is incredibly rewarding.”

Beyond his engineering pursuits, Wei enjoys being active by playing badminton and tennis with friends. He admits to being an unapologetic Taylor Swift fan, finding joy and inspiration in her music.

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Written by Hannah Weisman

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