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New Faculty Member, 2022–23

Hamed Arami

Assistant Professor, Materials science and engineering

Hamed Arami is determined to continue to bridge the gap between recent discoveries in neuroscience and advanced engineering tools using bioelectronics and nanotechnology as he begins his journey at Arizona State University. There are a wide range of unknowns about brain control that he looks forward to investigating in a multidisciplinary lab to fully understand.

After graduating with a dual-title doctoral degree in materials science and nanotechnology and molecular engineering from the University of Washington, Arami discovered his passion for connecting the engineering and medical research fields at the Stanford School of Medicine in the laboratory of Sam Gabhir. He was also a visiting postdoc in John Rogers’ laboratory at Northwestern University during his postdoc research and collaborated closely with leading bioelectronics, neuroscience, and imaging research labs at Stanford. Arami’s research combines materials science with bioelectronics, nanotechnology and molecular brain imaging to develop more effective treatments for brain diseases.

As a new assistant professor of materials science and engineering at the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, one of the seven schools in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, Arami will teach a variety of classes. One of his courses, materials engineering design, is a highly interactive class that will allow Arami the opportunity to get to know his students through their research and career interests. Other classes he will teach will focus on bioelectronics and advanced biomaterials.

Arami is eager to develop a multidisciplinary environment in his lab. Students can look forward to engaging courses and gaining exposure to breakthrough technologies and discoveries that will link to topics in materials science, biomedical engineering and electrical engineering.

“ASU has a unique, collaborative and fast-growing research infrastructure that will enable me to develop a variety of human-machine diagnostic and therapeutic interfaces, with an initial focus on neural engineering research in my lab,” says Arami.

Using this infrastructure, he aspires to develop advanced advanced technologies for earlier diagnosis of brain diseases.

When he is not mentoring the next generation of materials scientists and forging new paths for the materials science and engineering community, Arami enjoys reading books, listening to music and spending time in nature.

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Written by Hayley Hilborn

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