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New Faculty Member, 2023–24

Farhad Ameri

Associate Professor, manufacturing engineering

A strong emphasis on manufacturing education and an innovative and collaborative culture are what drew Farhad Ameri to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University.

“ASU and the state of Arizona have recognized the significance of manufacturing in today’s economy and are committed to fostering its growth and development,” Ameri says. “This aligns perfectly with my passion for advancing the field.”

His interest in manufacturing was sparked by the field’s blend of creativity and technical problem-solving — qualities he hopes to integrate into his design courses in the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks, part of the Fulton Schools.

Ameri is “genuinely thrilled” about the opportunity to work with “smart and motivated students” and says that their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives will undoubtedly inspire and challenge him as an educator and researcher.

In his design for manufacturing, product development and design of automated manufacturing systems courses, Ameri says he will empower his students to become future professionals “by encouraging active learning, project-based and self-learning techniques to create a more engaging and interactive environment that fosters a deep understanding of the material.”

To continue pushing the boundaries of advanced manufacturing, he looks forward to having access to ASU’s world-class research facilities to boost his research initiatives in semantic artificial intelligence and ontology engineering with applications in digital manufacturing systems and supply networks.

Ameri will also offer his experience as one of the founding members of the Industrial Ontologies Foundry, an initiative that fosters the development and reuse of ontologies in the manufacturing domain, an accomplishment he is proud of.

“What keeps me continuously interested and engaged in manufacturing engineering is its dynamic nature,” he says. “The field is ever-evolving and driven by advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, additive manufacturing and other advanced technologies.”

Outside of teaching and research, Ameri enjoys nature photography, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities — reasons he and his wife moved to Arizona. He also looks forward to training for the Mesa Marathon in February.

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Written by Sona Srinarayana

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