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New Faculty Member, 2020–21

Duong Nguyen

Assistant Professor

The School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering is welcoming a new generation of professors with the addition of Duong Nguyen. The recipient of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (the Canadian equivalent of a Rhodes Scholar) is ready to bring a fresh perspective to the well-respected and established communications and power groups here at Arizona State University. 

Nguyen was attracted to ASU by the prospect of working with top researchers in the communications and energy systems fields. 

“I knew the research of most of the faculty members at ASU working in these areas even before I applied to ASU,” he says.

Nguyen’s research interests are two-fold: optimization and game theory with engineering applications such as edge computing and smart grids. 

“I want to design fair and efficient platforms that offer win-win solutions to both users and platform owners,” says Nguyen, who has expertise in optimization, game theory, cloud/edge computing and smart grids.

Nguyen’s research is inspired by practice. The techniques and algorithms that he and his group develop will potentially improve the performance of existing platforms and marketplaces, such as ridesharing and online food delivery, and will create business models for new startups.

In Spring 2021, Nguyen will begin teaching EEE 598: Game-Theory: Models, Algorithms and Applications. He will collaborate and co-share responsibilities with Professor Angelia Nedich, who has been teaching that course for the past few semesters. The pair will also work on developing new courses for future semesters.

In his spare time, Nguyen is an avid pool player and movie lover, and when the weather gets a little cooler, plans to start exploring the magnificent landscapes Arizona has to offer.

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