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New Faculty Member, 2023–24

Ashish Mohan Gulati

Assistant Teaching Professor, information technology

Ashish Mohan Gulati has more than three decades of work experience in the information technology industry, including a longtime position as a software technical products manager at Intel in the Phoenix metro area.

Gulati has also been teaching at the university level since 2001, including teaching part-time at Arizona State University since 2019.

Now as a full-time faculty member in ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, he will be teaching the undergraduate course IFT 101 Information Technology Programming Logic, IFT 210 Introduction to Java Technologies and the graduate-level course IFT 530 Advanced Database Management Systems.

He says his students should expect to get “a lot of hands-on assignments,” requiring them to actively delve into the wide-ranging facets of the subject matter of those courses.

“I will try to give students learning experiences in the classroom about the technologies that are being used in the workplace,” Gulati says,

He hopes to infuse students with the kind of outlook that has motivated him during his career.

“I have always had a passion for teaching. So, I am excited to share my knowledge and prepare students to join the workforce. I have found it fulfilling to help create, develop and teach new technologies that can help us to have better lives,” says Gulati, who learned about teaching early in his life from his mother, a university professor of botany in India.

His aspirations as a teacher at ASU include helping students gain a deep understanding of the latest information technologies and enabling them to step into the workplace ready to skillfully use these tools.

He also wants to educate his students about the importance of undertaking pursuits outside of the rigors of advanced high-tech education endeavors.

Gulati says he regularly takes time to exercise, cook, play cricket and travel.

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Written by Joe Kullman

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