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Samantha Janko – Outstanding Graduate

Samantha JankoSamantha Janko
B.S.E. in Engineering
Home schooled in Gilbert, Arizona

Samantha Janko started at Chandler Gilbert Community College when she was 14. She participated in FURI for the Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 semesters. As a part of FURI, she participated in research related to adaptive control of campus cooling systems, with the aim of reducing cooling system costs and energy use on the ASU campuses. She feels her biggest achievement was continuing research with her advisor, Assistant Professor Nathan Johnson, which resulted in presenting at a conference, being lead author on a journal article and a study abroad trip to Aruba

Why did you choose ASU?
I chose to come to ASU for the vast number of opportunities they offer within engineering including research and chances to work with industry partners. Specifically, I chose the Polytechnic School for their hands-on engineering program that would provide me with opportunities to gain real experience in my field.

Tell me about a memorable moment at ASU?
One of my most memorable moments at ASU was my experience with studying abroad. I traveled to Aruba with a group of students to learn about sustainability in an island setting. The experience opened my eyes to the multidisciplinary characteristics of sustainability, and that becoming green is as much of a socio-economic and cultural issue as it is a technical engineering issue. This travel, along with my research in sustainability with my advisor, inspired me to continue my studies in graduate school with a Ph.D. in systems engineering.

Can you name a professor that was instrumental in helping you grow?
Nathan Johnson was a professor who impacted my education and growth as a student. He has provided me with so many opportunities to grow and learn from research, as well as assisted me in improving my project management and writing abilities. He has introduced me to the real world of engineering research, and is always open to answering questions I have whether it be technical questions or questions about professional development and graduate school.

What are your plans after graduation?
I have plans to continue my education next year as a master’s student in the Engineering M.S. program, followed by work as a Ph.D. candidate in systems engineering.

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