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Impact Award, Fall 2023

Yousef Sofian Alshraideh

Yousef Sofian Alshraideh’s first inspiration to study industrial engineering was to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, during his time earning a degree in the field from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, he found his own reasons to love the profession.

“The diversity in the curriculum is very interesting,” Alshraideh says. “You’re not limited to a particular conceptual path as compared to some other engineering degrees.”

He also found the faculty to be a great source of knowledge and support. Industrial engineering faculty members Linda Chattin, a teaching professor, and Daniel McCarville, a professor of practice, were among those who were particularly instrumental in supporting Alshraideh’s growth.

“In addition to [McCarville’s] incredibly insightful lectures, he provided me with a great number of resources outside of the classroom, such as resume and industry tips,” Alshraideh says. “He is one of those professors who wishes to see their students succeed, and I am very grateful for everything he has taught me — not to mention the opportunities he has given me.”

One of the opportunities Alshraideh received from McCarville was serving as a teaching assistant and grader in his courses. These roles and others assisting faculty members teaching industrial engineering courses enabled Alshraideh to positively impact his peers’ educational experiences. He was able to impart valuable lessons such as the importance of paying attention to detail and give feedback to help students improve their skills in the lab.

Alshraideh also served as a tutor for math and science topics ranging from algebra to statistics to chemistry. He found this to be a rewarding experience, especially when he could help others work on their skills and succeed.

“I felt as though I was making a difference with each question I answered in each session,” he says.

Alshraideh is exploring his options to determine what he’d like to do following graduation. In addition to his industrial engineering career, he plans to return to his home country of Jordan one day to take over the family business, which supplies chemicals to paper mills, to help expand it even further.

No matter where Alshraideh ends up, he will take with him the problem-solving skills he has learned as an engineer as well as the relationships he has built with friends and faculty members in the Fulton Schools.

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