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Grand Challenges Scholar, Spring 2024

Rini Jain

Rini Jain says she chose to attend Arizona State University and pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering due to the wide range of academic programs, commitment to research and vibrant community at ASU.

“I’m deeply passionate about my major in computer science because it immerses me in the fascinating realm of computers and mathematics, offering a comprehensive foundation for understanding and shaping the tech world,” Jain says.

Throughout her undergraduate journey at ASU, Jain fully engaged herself in campus life and took on numerous leadership and participatory roles, including in the Fulton Schools Grand Challenges Scholars Program, or GCSP.

In addition to GCSP, she was an ASU Barrett, The Honors College student, an undergraduate teaching assistant, a Fulton Ambassador and served as a camp counselor for E2, the consummate welcome experience for first-year Fulton Schools students. She was an undergraduate secretary of the Bridges Internationals club, was a community outreach manager at Sun Devil Birdies and was appointed as a vice president at Research Devils club. Jain was also a student success coach at the Student Services Center at ASU.

In addition to being involved on campus, Jain gained practical industry experience through two internships, most recently serving as a software engineer intern at Microchip Technologies Inc. in Chandler. 

“This blend of academic involvement, community service and professional experience has been pivotal in shaping my personal and professional growth,” Jain says.

One professor who Jain says was particularly instrumental in her growth as a student at ASU is Associate Professor Heni Ben Amor.

“His unique teaching style and enthusiasm for innovative research in robotics and artificial intelligence ignited my passion for these fields, pushing me to explore beyond the coursework,” Jain says. “This impact on me was profound, shaping not just my academic journey but my personal development and future aspirations in the field of computer science.”

After graduation, Jain will be pursuing early career opportunities in data science in Phoenix and across California.

In the long term, I aspire to build a solid foundation in data science, leveraging this expertise to pursue a master’s degree and eventually launch my own startup,” Jain says. “My dream is to contribute to breakthroughs that not only advance the field of technology but also address societal challenges, making a lasting difference in the world.”

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