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Impact Award, Fall 2023

Moe Khezrian

Moe Khezrian is being honored by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering as an Impact Award winner for his endeavors to benefit the Arizona State University community.

With an illustrious academic and professional journey, Khezrian has carved a niche for himself as a leader, author and innovator in engineering. He appreciates the creativity that engineering encourages, noting that “there are often several approaches to a single solution, and it’s up to an engineer’s best judgment to approach the solution space optimally.”

Khezrian’s academic journey is marked by dedication and excellence. Having earned his undergraduate degree in engineering management, he is now finishing his master’s degree in industrial engineering. This strong educational foundation laid the groundwork for his subsequent achievements in the industry.

As a technical project program manager at Intel, Khezrian directed quarterly Lean Six Sigma improvement efforts. His responsibilities included supervising and approving key operational deliverables in change control and factory improvement programs. His exceptional contributions earned him three Intel Department Recognition Awards, a testament to his impact on the company.

Khezrian’s expertise extends beyond the workplace. He is the proud author of “Lean-based Production Management: Practical Lean Manufacturing,” a book that bridges the gap between practical and literary principles in the fields of manufacturing and industrial engineering. In this groundbreaking work, he introduces the innovative concept of “wave production methodology” aimed at reducing work-in-progress waste and improving flow yield. 

Published in March 2022, Khezrian’s book is a valuable resource for both new and experienced lean practitioners. It introduces practical approaches to capacity and demand management, making it applicable in academia and collegiate-level manufacturing engineering and production management curricula.

Khezrian extends his gratitude to Michael Clough, an engineering associate teaching professor, for being a supportive instructor who went above and beyond to support him.

Looking back on his education, Khezrian also appreciates gaining exposure to several different teaching styles offered by professors and the opportunity to do creative projects, which allowed him the freedom to demonstrate his problem-solving skills through creative means.

His commitment to advancing knowledge is reflected in the Solutions Award, Ansari Award and Dean’s Scholar Award he received for academic achievements at Arizona State University.

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