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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2023

Michael Bochenek

Michael Bochenek chose the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering for its expansive educational environment and exceptional reputation. He majored in technological entrepreneurship and management because it combined his primary career interests. 

“I’ve always been intrigued with how things work and how they are made,” Bochenek says. “I also love business, so finding a major that mixed both was an absolute dream come true.”

He enjoyed how the degree program encouraged connecting classroom material to real-world applications. He says that he began to appreciate the fusion of engineering and business during his first semester.

Bochenek expresses gratitude for his mentor, Aram Chavez, an assistant teaching professor in The Polytechnic School, part of the Fulton Schools. Chavez’s real-world experience and the guidance he provides students extend beyond the classroom, Bochenek says, noting how Chavez gave him invaluable insights about doing job interviews and helped him to shape his career trajectory.

Outside the classroom, Bochenek’s leadership skills were honed in a real estate flipping startup venture in which he managed contractors and sharpened his ability to lead others of various ages and experience levels. 

He says he is proud of his contribution to an industry advisory board panel discussion and for helping to initiate ventures such as HydroForce, a river-based clean energy solution.

After graduation, Bochenek aspires to join HMD Motorsports, an IndyNXT racing team in Indianapolis, Indiana. His long-term goals include pushing the boundaries of technology in the racing industry, implementing innovative software for enhanced data quality, enabling cars to go faster and overall business success.

Reflecting on his Fulton Schools experience, he emphasizes the importance of developing expertise in diverse problem-solving approaches, which often involves tackling various challenges for which the same solution won’t remedy every problem.

Bochenek attributes ASU’s enriching environment and facilities to the generosity of donors such as Ira A. Fulton, whose philanthropy has contributed significantly to transforming his dreams into reality.

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