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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2020

Mark Janda

Being an Arizona State University employee since 1999, Mark Janda was familiar with ASU’s vibrant culture. When he decided to go back to school, his decision on where to apply was an easy one.

Once admitted, Janda knew that graphic information technology was the degree for him.

“Using creativity to solve problems is tremendously rewarding,” Janda says. “Approaching a problem with the mentality that there are no wrong answers allows solutions to be conceived in unexpected ways.”

Getting exposure to a variety of disciplines through his courses provided Janda with the tools to hone in on his interests and abilities. He has his graphic information technology professors to thank for that.

“Every professor I encountered in the program was highly instrumental, engaging and dedicated to the growth of their students,” Janda says. “I have no doubt that there is nothing any professor in the program wouldn’t do to ensure the success of their students.”

Janda felt immense support from his peers as well and says, “Everyone supports and encourages each other. It feels like a small family.”

Janda worked full time while completing his degree, allowing him to participate in both online and in-person courses. He recalls one of his in-person projects where he had the opportunity to integrate his love for motorsports.

“I made a project in a photo studio course promoting motorcycle helmet safety using fruit to demonstrate,” Janda says. “I could not have predicted that part of my degree would entail putting grapes into tiny motorcycle helmets, but it did!”

Janda doesn’t have concrete plans after graduation, however, he wants to take the summer to ride motorcycles in Europe, then go wherever his journey takes him.

“Hopefully my choice to get my degree later in life than most inspires those around me that it is never too late to pursue your ambitions,” Janda says.   

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