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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2023

Fatmah Alshehhi

As a native of the United Arab Emirates, Fatmah Alshehhi was drawn to Arizona State University due to its reputation in engineering and its history of collaborating with her home country on the Emirates Mars Mission.

“The innovative approach of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering aligns perfectly with my academic goals,” Alshehhi says. “Furthermore, the renowned engineering faculty and the vibrant campus culture highlight a strong sense of community, making ASU an ideal place for my academic and personal growth.”

Alshehhi says she chose aerospace engineering due to her lifelong passion for the field that took root in her early years.

“The field’s revolutionary nature, coupled with its inherent challenges, captivates me,” she says. “Aerospace represents a realm of constant innovation and profound interest. My personality thrives on challenges, and I believe this aligns seamlessly with the dynamic and innovative world of aerospace engineering.”

For her capstone project, Alshehhi and her team are actively developing an unmanned air vehicle for surveillance and object detection. She says the real-time challenges and breakthroughs in the endeavor not only make it a dynamic engineering experience but also enhance its significance, creating a particularly memorable capstone project.

Alshehhi says that Associate Professor Valana Wells stands out as an influence on her as a successful woman in STEM, navigating a male-dominated industry and becoming the chair of the Fulton Schools’ aerospace and mechanical engineering undergraduate program.

She also says that she was impacted by Faculty Associate Frederick Garrett’s approach to challenging students while fostering their success in engineering. ASU Foundation Professor Werner Dahm also served as a great inspiration and role model to her.

Alshehhi’s long-term career aspiration is to play a pivotal role in advancing aerospace technology. After graduation, she is committed to advancing her expertise by pursuing a master’s degree.

For Alshehhi, engineering is her passion and gives her a profound sense of purpose, especially as a woman in the field.

“Being a woman in engineering is crucial as it sets a powerful example for future generations of young women,” Alshehhi says. “It not only promotes equality in skill sets between women and men but also contributes to breaking down gender stereotypes, fostering inclusiveness in the field of engineering.”

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