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Impact Award, Fall 2020

Emilia Sobczak

Engineering is full of challenges, and many have been greater than normal during 2020. But as an engineer, Emilia Sobczak is ready to help people overcome obstacles and solve difficult problems. 

“I think that going through a challenging time is important because it shapes us not only as humans but also as engineering graduates,” Sobczak says. “It is crucial to not give up and to push through, to give your best, because the finish line is always closer than we think. It is extremely satisfying to know that we were able to achieve so much and get to where we are today.”

As an engineering management major in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, Sobczak often came up with solutions for complex engineering problems. It made her realize she could “contribute to making positive changes in society.”

During her senior capstone project, Sobczak applied the skills she had been developing for the past few years to improve processes and solve problems for a property management company.

She also has been inspired by Principal Lecturer Linda Chattin, who had a “tremendous impact” on Sobczak’s education at ASU as a mentor and role model.

“Her willingness to always help students and her dedication to the engineering profession are extremely valuable,” says Sobczak, who was also an honors student in Barrett, The Honors College. “I am extremely grateful that a professor like her appeared on my educational pathway.”

Sobczak tackled one of this year’s greatest challenges outside of engineering: education during a global crisis. She volunteered on a military base in San Diego during the COVID-19 pandemic as a teaching assistant for children from military families.

“It was one of my biggest achievements that I could help others in such a difficult time,” she says. 

After graduation, Sobczak will continue to apply her skills to work on interesting projects, solve complex problems, improve engineering processes and make a difference in society.

“I hope that my degree will allow me to help others and to continually improve the life of the society that I live in,” she says. “I want to contribute to making the world a safer and better place.”

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