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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2020

Cintia Krueger Ceneviz

Cintia Krueger Ceneviz chose to study at Arizona State University because she wanted both a deeper understanding of technology and exposure to a culture of innovation. This combination further inspired her choice of major within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

“I always saw engineering as a field with tremendous opportunities,” Krueger Ceneviz says. “But I was very excited to discover engineering management. It combines the endless possibilities of engineering with practical business knowledge.”

Krueger Ceneviz says she knew she was on the right path for her education when she took a probability and statistics course. She says it offered a new language through which to interpret her other coursework.

“Studying for my engineering classes was no longer a task to be completed,” she says. “It became enjoyable and something I looked forward to doing.”

When Krueger Ceneviz reflects on her time at the Fulton Schools, she is thankful for the kind support of her professors.

“I am particularly grateful for Linda Chattin and Daniel McCarville,” she says. “Dr. Chattin demonstrates such passion for teaching, and she is always patient in answering questions. Dr. McCarville shared so many real industry examples with us that I feel am much more ready for work as a professional engineer.”

Krueger Ceneviz says her experiences as a student at ASU taught her many important skills — including perseverance. She points to the example of working with peers on Lean Six Sigma assignments.

“Projects required us to work in teams and solve real problems with the material we had just learned in class,” she says. “There were many times I thought we would not be able to complete them. But the real lesson proved to be that persistence and hard work can achieve anything.”

Krueger Ceneviz says her education in engineering has changed the way she views the world. She says her mind now seizes upon data to calculate the probabilities of certain events happening. Even walking into a retail store has her thinking about how to improve the layout of displayed merchandise.

Moving forward from graduation, Krueger Ceneviz intends to complete a master’s degree in data science and then apply the breadth of her experience to tackle some of the world’s significant challenges.

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