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Featured Graduates of Fall 2019

ballons falling from ceilng during convocation

At the close of the fall and spring semesters, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering recognizes select members of the graduating class for demonstrating academic excellence, extraordinary leadership and community service.

Students chosen as Outstanding Graduates are honored for their exemplary academic performance and participation in activities that enhance their engineering skills. Students receiving the IMPACT Award have been singled out for their leadership, volunteer and service roles that positively impact their communities.

These exceptional students have excelled in research, public service, entrepreneurship and outreach. From founding startups and student orgs to entering the workforce and pursuing advanced degrees, their efforts will leave a lasting impact on the Fulton Schools community, Arizona and around the world.

Read about the exceptional graduates of the fall 2019 class below.

Outstanding Graduates

portrait of James Arnold

James Arnold

James Arnold has a passion for engineering, especially for seeing things built from the ground up.

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portrait of Aidan Bjelland

Aidan Bjelland

Aidan Bjelland always enjoyed building with LEGO bricks growing up and dreamed of a career in architecture.

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portrait of Cassandra Buffington

Cassandra Jolynn Buffington

Cassandra Jolynn Buffington is passionate about helping the environment and found her home in the environmental and resource management program.

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portrait of Darrell Gill

Darrell Gill

The Starbucks College Achievement Program Scholarship enabled Darrell Gill to earn an undergraduate degree after financial constraints prevented him from finishing 19 years ago.

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2019 statue

Andrew Gin

Andrew Gin’s decision on where to go to school was easy — he lived all around Arizona and both of his parents are Arizona State University alumni.

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portrait of Randy Grivel

Randy Grivel

Randy Grivel had dual objectives in mind when he was deciding where to go to college — being attractive to employers and gaining technical expertise.

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Cory Kehoe

As a veteran interested in construction engineering, the Fulton Schools was an easy choice for Arizona native Cory Kehoe.

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portrait of Daniel Kulenkamp

Daniel Kulenkamp

Daniel Kulenkamp says he has always been obsessed with computers, so pursuing a degree in computer science was a natural extension of that fascination.

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Noah Kurus

Noah Kurus has always been enthralled with the concept of airplanes and other flying machines. Growing up, he wanted to be a pilot, but found his niche in aerospace engineering.

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portrait of Jonathan Lisena

Jonathan Lisena

It was during a tour of The Polytechnic School that Jonathan Lisena realized Arizona State University was the best school for him.

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portrait of Jake Mendiola

Jake Mendiola

Jake Mendiola plans to use his long-held interest in computer hardware and the experiences he’s gained at ASU to help make a difference in the world.

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portrait of Hannah Pebler

Hannah Pebler

Having balanced the demands of being both a mother and a full-time college student, Hannah Pebler says making it to graduation day is a great reward in itself.

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portrait of Suzanne Schadel

Suzanne Schadel

Suzanne Schadel’s choice to major in environmental engineering made her one of the first four students to earn that degree from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

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portrait of Ethan Secklin

Ethan Secklin

Ethan Secklin first chose engineering because he was good in physics, but became enthralled by how things work — from new and exciting technologies to everyday objects.

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portrait of Monica Welfert

Monica Welfert

Monica Welfert chose to major in computer systems engineering so she could work in a dynamic, impactful industry that finds solutions to society’s critical challenges.

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portrait of Hudson Whillock

Hudson Whillock

Hudson Whillock says the most rewarding experience of his undergraduate years has been seeing all of his hard work pay off.

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Breanna Wright

Breanna Wright discovered her inclination toward the graphic arts after starting out as an education major at Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

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portrait of Shandiin Yessilth

Shandiin Yessilth

Shandiin Yessilth (Yiisił in Navajo) found her passion in construction management after completing her first internship with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

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Impact Award Winners

2019 statue

Yousef Alroomi

Yousef Alroomi came to Arizona State University on a scholarship because ASU provides “an amazing environment to international students.”

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portrait of Jessica Barnett

Jessica Barnett

Just one semester after being named the Outstanding Graduate for the graphic information technology program, Jessica Barnett is now their IMPACT Award winner.

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portrait of David Branson Jr.

David Branson Jr.

David Branson Jr. decided to go back to school when he learned Arizona State University offered engineering degrees delivered online. 

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portrait of Olga Hart

Olga Hart

Olga Hart’s journey to a doctoral degree started as an undergraduate civil engineering major in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

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Portrait of Michael Kuntz

Michael Kuntz

For Michael Kuntz, balancing the demands of working a co-op job in Tucson while building a racecar in Tempe helped him realize just how much he enjoyed engineering.

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portrait of Tristan Le

Tristan Le

When Tristan Le arrived as a freshman at Arizona State University, he had no prior experience writing computer code, but that’s exactly what he wanted to learn.

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Cesar Tamayo

While dedicated to his studies, Cesar Tamayo quickly realized the importance of learning outside the classroom to be a successful engineer.

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Dean's Dissertation Award Winners

portrait of Christopher Miranda

Christopher Miranda

Engineering doctoral candidate Christopher Miranda conducts research focused on utilizing the phenomenon for deep tissue imaging and neural applications.

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portrait of Anjali Mulchandani

Anjali Mulchandani

Anjali Mulchandani explored a variety of fields in her academic career, including microbiology, and environmental engineering. She eventually combined the fields to conduct research in environmental microbiology.

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Convocation Speakers

portrait of Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell

After earning a degree in business law with a minor in economics, a suggestion from a friend to take an entry-level computer networking class led Kelly Mitchell to find a new career aspiration.

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