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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2019

Randy Grivel

Randy Grivel had dual objectives in mind when he was deciding where to go to college.

He wanted to acquire a skill set sufficiently wide-ranging to be attractive to employers in multiple fields. He also wanted to develop enough technical expertise to specialize in areas important to major industries.  

Grivel says he found Arizona State University lived up to its promises by providing ample opportunity to accomplish both of his goals.

“The university truly embodies the ideals set forth in its charter,” he says.

Grivel feels confident he is leaving ASU prepared to pursue a productive career in his chosen field.

“Engineering management has taught me the skills to use data to back up decisions,” he says. “The problem-solving tools that are developed in the curriculum have shown me that wherever there is a problem, engineering techniques can be used to help eliminate some bias in the decision-making process.”

Grivel is particularly interested in “using engineering tools to help guide public policy.”

What projects should a city undertake to best serve its residents? How does the political structure of a government impact its actions? What is the optimal way to allocate resources?

Grivel hopes to apply his education and expertise to help find the most effective answers to such questions — not only for governments but in business management, economics and more.

He says the analytical nature of his studies actually made him acutely aware of wasted time and inefficiency in his daily life as a college student. He recalls being confronted with “a huge challenge in finding time to balance coursework and leisure.”

Such struggles were often eased simply by sharing stories of his college experiences with family and friends, he says.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than having a laugh with those closest to you,” Grivel says.

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