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Mayank “Max” Prasad – Distinguished Graduate

Mayank "Max" PrasadMayank “Max” Prasad
M.S. in Computer Engineering
Graduated from VIT University in India
Originally from New Delhi, India

Mayank Prasad came to ASU for the computer engineering curriculum and proximity to companies such as Intel, Freescale, Microchip, NXP. He was also drawn to the great entrepreneurship program. He earned an Experiential Learning Grant from Fulton Schools Startup School to attend the European Innovation Academy in Nice, France in July 2015. He works with ASU’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation as an E+I ambassador, was an ASU Startup School certified facilitator and was one of the founding members of the new ASU Startup Hotline to help students with their startup-related questions.

Did you participate in any student organizations?
I started a new Fulton student organization – SPARCe (pronounced “sparky” – Students’ Project and Research Consulting in Engineering). It’s a student-run consulting group that helps engineering students get application based hands-on experience by giving them an opportunity to work on real-world projects from local businesses and non-profits. After its success, I started The Talent Network. The Talent Network makes it easier and faster for tech companies to discover and hire student developers for internship/part-time/full-time work.

Can you name a professor who was particularly instrumental in helping you grow as a student?
Yes – two actually! Lecturer Brent Sebold and Faculty Associate Ken Mulligan. Brent is the director of Fulton Schools Startup Center and Ken is with the same startup center. I took the course – FSE501 Technology Entrepreneurship with them. They helped me learn the lean launch methodology for startups and helped me convert my idea into a business. They helped me realize that entrepreneurship is a way of life. They are also my two biggest cheerleaders.

What are your plans after graduation?
I am an entrepreneur – going full-time for my startup, The Talent Network. Also maybe work part-time at a paying job until we raise seed money for my startup. In the long term, I would like to see The Talent Network become a successful company. At the same time I would like to get involved with a tech startup and help them build a revolutionary product (like internet of things), something that aligns with my purpose on this planet.

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