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Lynne Nethken — Outstanding Undergraduate

Lynne Nethken

Lynne Nethken

Lynne Nethken
B.S.E. in Engineering
Graduated from Ridgeway High School in Memphis, Tennessee
Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lynne Nethken sees her future devoted to developing new technology to advance the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, space exploration and autonomous electric vehicles.

She means it when she says, “I have every intention of becoming the female version of Elon Musk,” the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla Motors.

With a primary concentration in robotics engineering, a secondary focus in electrical systems engineering and many years in leadership and management positions in the dental industry, she was well poised to lead and pursue student projects and competitions.

“Engineering is so much more than learning about complex equations through textbooks. You have to get involved with as many hands on projects as you can,” says Nethken.

As a junior, Nethken was the student project manager for the EcoCAR 3 team during its initialization phase at Arizona State University. The project is a 4-year contest between 17 universities, hosted by General Motors and the U.S. Department of Energy, in which teams compete to create economical, marketable and innovative alternative-fuel and hybrid technologies.

She is also the Controls Subteam Lead for the Polytechnic School’s SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team, which is designing and implementing an active control system to make Hyperloop travel — where the future of long-distance travel is headed — safer for passengers.

Additional projects include designing robotic gloves that teach American Sign Language, 3D printed robotic hands, wearable devices for the visually impaired and a cost-effective flight systems data recorder for space applications.

Nethken’s next step is to earn a master’s degree at ASU. Her graduate studies will focus on robotics, controls and thermodynamics.

“I love anything dealing with robotics and space exploration. Now that I have an engineering degree I can be directly involved in developing new technology that helps us to further explore the universe,” says Nethken.

In the meantime, Nethken plans to spend her summer traveling, including learning how to surf in Costa Rica.

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