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Impact Award, Fall 2018

Tremayne Holland

After serving in the United States Navy as an in-flight avionics technician aboard P-3C Orion aircraft, Tremayne Holland decided he wanted to head back to school.

“I chose to attend ASU because of its location and because it is a veteran friendly school,” Holland says. “I knew I wanted to return to school and finish my degree. After doing some research I came across ASU and their engineering program.”

Holland wanted to build on the aviation experience he’d gained in the military when it came time to choosing a major. He found the opportunity to do that in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

“The military training that I received gave me the confidence to study in the engineering field,” he says. “We did a joint operation with an [unmanned aerial vehicle] squadron during one of my deployments and it sparked my interest in the [unmanned aerial systems] industry.”

The abundance of resources available to students is a major benefit Holland appreciates about ASU.

“There is assistance for pretty much everything that you could think of,” he says. “This was somewhat of a surprise to me, especially transferring from a smaller school to ASU.”

Holland is now able to venture throughout the UAV industry. For his capstone project, Holland partnered with a local veteran-owned UAS company.

“My team assisted with the development of flight paths and operational procedures for utility system inspections,” he says. “Our operational procedures will be utilized in future training programs designed for prospective pilots of the company.”

Holland plans to continue on in the UAS industry and is ready to begin the next chapter in his life. For current students he has some advice.

“Keep pushing and keep your eyes on the prize,” he says. “If you don’t understand the material, seek help early. I did this and it made a world of difference.”

Holland emphasizes the importance of hard work, but offers one final instruction for engineering students that helped him succeed.

“Interact with others and make friends.”

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