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New Faculty Member, 2020–21

Yoon Hwa

Assistant Professor

Yoon Hwa is starting a new chapter in his career at Arizona State University as an independent scientist. An accomplished researcher from the University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Hwa is ready to get his own lab started to focus on laser-based manufacturing processes.

Hwa will set himself apart from others in his field by investigating advanced laser 3D printing technologies to advance the energy storage and conversion systems.

From a young age, Hwa has always had a natural scientific curiosity, a trait that perfectly aligns with the field of engineering. As he grew into his studies and his interest deepened, Hwa found his home in materials science and engineering. 

“I chose the materials science and engineering for [my] BS and PhD degrees based on my firm belief that all cutting-edge technologies and scientific innovation start from the materials,” Hwa says. 

In addition to Hwa starting his research lab, Hwa will be teaching EEE 120: Digital Design Fundamentals. This class provides a study of general digital system design to first and second-year students. In the spring, he’ll be diving into the world of photovoltaics, teaching EEE 465/591: Photovoltaic Energy Conversion.

Hwa is a snowboarder, hiker and soccer player who has recently discovered his love of camping. He is excited to have new camping adventures in Arizona. 

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