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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Matthew Marinella

Associate Professor, Electrical engineering

During his formative years, Matthew Marinella was amazed at the progress of technology. He could not believe it when his family got a portable laptop that could run advanced games at a faster speed than the giant desktop computer they had bought years before. He was fascinated by the way processor “brains” kept getting faster, and it was this early enchantment that shaped his career path.

“During my lifetime, I have experienced computers progress from glorified electric typewriters to the point of enabling access to all human knowledge in the palm of your hand,” says Marinella. “Hence, I went into electrical engineering and gravitated toward semiconductor devices and circuits for computing. The continued progress of these chips still excites me.”

Marinella will be teaching Analog and Digital Circuits and Memory Technologies. He says that his students should be prepared to learn new and challenging “quintessential electrical engineering material” that will be of practical importance to their careers. Marinella says his students will be able to get into real circuit design and testing in the lab, which he says can be a lot of fun.

For the past decade, Marinella has served as a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories, achieving the designation of Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff. But now he is excited to return to the campus where he was an engineering student himself.

“I enjoy leading research in the area of new computing devices, and ASU presents an excellent, supportive environment to develop a thriving collaborative research program,” he says. “The faculty is top-notch and complements my expertise.”

Marinella also says he enjoyed working with students and postdocs at Sandia, and he is looking forward to doing more at ASU.

“Finally, as a native Arizonan, I believe ASU has a huge and positive impact on the state, which is something I am honored to contribute to,” he says.

When he is not working, Marinella enjoys spending time with his family. He says they like to go on bike rides and hikes together. He also races remote control cars, and he occasionally plays the saxophone.

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