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New Faculty Member, 2023–24

Durgesh Sharma

Assistant Teaching Professor, information technology

To start her new role as an assistant teaching professor in The Polytechnic School, part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, Durgesh Sharma didn’t have to go far. For her last job, Sharma worked as an applied mathematics instructor at ASU’s College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.

“ASU is ranked No. 1 in innovation, and it’s the top public university choice for international students,” Sharma says. “Engineering degrees are in high demand. I feel excited to be part of ASU’s engineering program and contribute to student learning, and I think there is a lot of potential for my career growth as well.”

Sharma’s interest in engineering and technology began when computers gained prominence in India during the 1990s.

She enrolled in a certificate program for software engineering, where she learned her first programming language: Common Business Oriented Language, or COBOL. Sharma then went on to earn a master’s degree in information technology and a certificate in computer hardware engineering.

“Seeing and understanding a computer’s internal components like the motherboard, RAM slots, switched-mode power supplies and ports was exciting,” she says.

She built her own computer using the skills she learned in the hardware engineering program. While she was fascinated with hardware engineering, she found her calling in the IT field.

“As technology keeps growing with this era of artificial intelligence, which requires both mathematics and an IT background, I find the field of IT to be my best fit, and it is always going to hold my interest,” Sharma says.

She will teach IFT 210 Introduction to Java Technologies and IFT 360 Applications in Artificial Intelligence. Sharma says students in her classes will learn programming and its real-world applications.

Sharma worked as a computer science professor in India for about two decades. Her students can expect to learn from a seasoned, accoladed educator. Those in Sharma’s MAT 117 College Algebra and MAT 170 Precalculus classes honored her with Professor of Impact Awards.

“The awards recognized that I am a great mentor, inspire the class, spend extra time with students and motivate them to overcome challenges,” she says. 

When not instructing the next generation of innovators, Sharma enjoys music and dancing.

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Written by TJ Triolo

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