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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2022

Jordan Fourcher

Jordan Fourcher launched his first tech company two years ago as a student in the technological and entrepreneurship management program at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. His entrepreneurial spirit and need to tinker align well with his major — one that fuses business with engineering principles.

“I am so happy that the conditions were right for me to start a business in a field I am enthusiastic about,” Fourcher says.

He knew he had picked the right major when he found success in leading various teams in the creation of tech products. This leadership experience helped him launch his company.

The ambition of Fourcher’s professors also motivated him in his ventures. He says he was surprised to learn that many of them have extensive industry experience — some continue to run their businesses while teaching, giving him real-world perspectives on the entrepreneurial paths available to him.

His favorite professor, Lecturer Aram Chomina-Chavez, runs multiple businesses “and his stories drive home the content,” Fourcher says.

Launching a company was not the only thing Fourcher initiated during his time at ASU. He also started a drone racing club at ASU’s Polytechnic campus and ran Startup Village, a residential community that promotes entrepreneurship, collaboration, innovation and connections with other like-minded students.

It was through his academic and extracurricular experiences that Fourcher gained the ability to work on a team with people of different abilities, a skill he says he will take with him after graduating.

Following graduation, Fourcher plans to stay in Arizona because of his growing network. He and his colleagues have plans to expand their company and “launch at least two products in the next year,” he says.

In the long term, Fourcher plans to launch a few more companies. 

“Life is too short to just have one company,” he says. “There’s so much yet to be invented. One could spend a lifetime creating the future.”

Indeed, the sky seems to be the limit for Fourcher, who eventually wants to go to Mars to operate a mining colony.

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