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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Yuli Deng

Lecturer, Computer science and engineering

Yuli Deng grew up in what he describes as a STEM family. And for him, one of the biggest turning points in his life happened at just seven years old, when for his birthday he received a personal computer with an Intel 586 chip.  

The computer proved to be far more than a simple birthday gift. Receiving it changed Deng’s life and set him on his current career path. Fast forward to the present day, Deng is completing work for his doctorate and embarking on his journey as a computer science professor and researcher.

“I taught myself how to program in the Logo language and I’ve been in love with computer science ever since,” he says.

Deng has been studying at Arizona State University for the past six years and is in the last year of his doctoral program. Some of his pursuits at ASU have been exceptionally successful. His research project, ThoTh Lab, for example, won the Reimagine Education Bronze Award in the Engineering/IT Discipline at the 2016 Reimagine Education Conference.

After he graduates at the end of the fall semester, Deng will join his alma mater as a lecturer. Deng, who is currently a computer science research assistant, plans to integrate his work into the classroom.

Deng will be teaching CSE 546: Cloud Computing and CSE545: Software Security. He notes that his cloud computing course will provide students with both rigorous training in fundamental cloud computing concepts and practical cloud development skills.

Deng says he is looking forward to graduating and remaining on campus, and is excited to become a colleague of fellow members of the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence, or SCAI, whom he has been working alongside for the past six years.

“As a lecturer, I’m looking forward to working with the talented faculty and staff in SCAI to provide students with the best learning experience,” Deng says. “I also want to continue my research in computer science education and apply the findings in the classroom to improve students’ experience and learning outcomes.”

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