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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Shenghan Guo

Assistant Professor, Manufacturing engineering

Shenghan Guo believes that advances in smart manufacturing should be pursued through data-driven solutions — something she is eager to explore as she joins the new manufacturing school at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus.

“I have always been fascinated with how real-world problems can be resolved with data-driven solutions,” Guo says.

She knew ASU would be a good fit for her because of its focus on diverse and interdisciplinary research.  

“The collaborative nature of ASU’s research offers great potential for innovations, especially in manufacturing,” Guo says. “And the growth space for young faculty is substantial.”

Guo looks forward to accessing ASU’s various advanced manufacturing facilities to expand her research in key areas, especially advanced manufacturing technology, human experience and data science. 

ASU’s wide range of resources “will offer a lot of potential for data acquisition and initiation of new areas of research,” she says.

Guo has shared her research breakthroughs and perspectives in various science and engineering publications and at several professional conferences, and has earned a National Science Foundation award to support her research, among many other accolades. Guo also held two academic fellowships during her time at Rutgers University.

She hopes to bring her enthusiasm for data-driven solutions into her classroom and eventually into industry. She will teach introductory courses on statistical process modeling/monitoring, fundamental regression analysis and design of experiments, among other subjects.

“I am also interested in designing a new course to introduce various data types from manufacturing applications and the corresponding ways to handle, model and analyze them to derive solutions for the application,” Guo says.

Her goal in creating the course is to offer students hands-on experience in processing real data and building machine learning models using coding languages.

Her teaching and research interests align well with the foci of the new school, which include the future of work, industry 4.0, human-machine teaming and systems engineering — all with the goal of meeting emerging societal needs.

Guo is eager to take the next step at ASU and contribute to progress in her field.

“I see imperative needs in engineering for such data-driven solutions,” Guo says. “And the more I study these challenges, the more I am interested in them, and in turn they inspire even more research pursuits.”

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