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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Rakibul Hasan

Assistant Professor, Computer science and engineering

Rakibul Hasan is fascinated by computer science for reasons broader than the development of data processing technology. His research also explores the ways that people and society make decisions, and he says this understanding can yield even better computing tools to address the challenges we face both individually and collectively.

Hasan joins Arizona State University from postdoctoral research at the CISPA Helmholtz Centre for Information Security in Germany. Recognition of his recent work there included praise from the French Data Protection Authority and the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology during the 2020 Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference. Hasan and his co-authors were lauded for an exceptional paper on reducing privacy risks by automatically detecting bystanders within photographs taken in public spaces — an issue of concern in a world of ubiquitous image-capturing devices.

Hasan says he is eager to join the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering so he can begin work with several renowned researchers in information security and machine learning, two fields of inquiry that overlap his own work.

“For example, I look forward to applying what are called causal inference mechanisms for observational data,” he says. “These methods have been used successfully in other fields, like economics, and I believe they would help to uncover human decision-making processes related to privacy and security in the context of using various technologies.”

Hasan says his efforts have become highly interdisciplinary, drawing on cognitive psychology and other social sciences. Consequently, he believes ASU’s success in fostering ambitious, broadly collaborative projects makes this university community the perfect place for him to engage in truly impactful work.

Alongside his research, Hasan will teach core computer science courses, such as programming language and data structure, as well as courses that draw directly from his expertise in privacy and security.

“The world is getting more interconnected and data-driven,” he says, “so I believe students will appreciate the relevance of learning about the privacy and security aspects of this field.”

Outside of research and teaching, Hasan enjoys outdoor pursuits including running and gardening. He also values a little downtime to watch movies and television shows.

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