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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Mike Ranjram

Assistant Professor, Electrical engineering

Mike Ranjram is bringing great enthusiasm for power electronics to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. A recent graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he is now excited to join one of the country’s largest electric power and energy programs. 

“Power electronics are a cornerstone technology of the modern world,” Ranjram says. “Affecting virtually all of our electrical systems and devices.”

Ranjram has always been fascinated by the concept of science and discovery.

“The world is filled with so many incredible phenomena,” he says. “I have always been captivated by the idea that science has made these phenomena knowable and quantifiable.”

Ranjram’s expertise in power electronics helps him understand the current landscape of energy consumption around the world. He looks to clean energy and the talent among researchers to help avoid catastrophic changes in our climate. 

“We must fundamentally redefine the nature of our consumption to make much more effective use of cleanly generated electrical energy,” he says.

One way Ranjram is contributing to more efficient electrical outputs is by focusing on miniaturizing power electronics. 

“Achieving greater miniaturization of power electronics is fundamental to the advancement of many applications,” he says. “We can make them smaller in volume and weight while also making them more efficient.”

Ranjram will bring his expertise to the classroom when he teaches EEE360: Energy Systems and Power Electronics. In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of energy engineering, discover the essential principles of generating, distributing, and consuming electrical energy, and establish a foundation for further studies.

When not in the classroom or lab, Ranjram enjoys hiking, camping and the cinema.

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