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New Faculty Member, 2020–21

Mayra S. Artiles

Assistant Professor

Mayra S. Artiles has enjoyed the thrill of discovering and solving problems since she was very young. And that inquisitive nature led her to pursue engineering as a career.

After several years of work as a thermal engineer at Ford Motor Company, she found herself analyzing why engineers behave the way they do. She also wanted to know if more could be done to increase diversity at leadership levels.

“I came to learn about engineering education as a research field and quickly decided that was what I wanted to do,” Artiles says. “It combines discovery and problem solving for equity while focusing on a group of people who greatly impact the world.”

Artiles flourished in the field and was awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award by the American Education Research Association. She also received the Davenport Fellowship while at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and was a finalist for the Torgersen Research Award.

In 2018, Artiles and colleagues received the Best Paper Award from the International Division at the American Society for Engineering Education. She is also a member of the Edward Alexander Boucher Graduate Honor Society and the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society.

Artiles has joined Arizona State University because of her belief in ASU’s access initiatives and charter

“ASU’s mission not only aligns with my personal values but also with my research, which aims to broaden access to all people seeking education,” Artiles says. “Also, ASU has some of the top researchers in the engineering education field. Getting to work alongside top talent was a very exciting aspect of the job.”

During the fall semester, Artiles will teach vehicle powertrain and thermal systems. She will also launch a  National Science Foundation research project to explore how engineering programs can better support minority doctoral students.

Artiles thoroughly enjoys qualitative research. When she isn’t involved with professional pursuits, her hobbies include learning languages and traveling.

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