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New Faculty Member, 2022–23

Linqin Mu

Assistant Professor, materials science and engineering

Linqin Mu is driven by an untiring interest in battery research. As needs for renewable energy rise, so do demands for energy storage systems. Mu’s development of electrochemical energy storage devices aims to meet these demands.

As an assistant professor of materials science and engineering within the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, one of the seven schools in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Mu is looking forward to learning from her fellow faculty. She is particularly eager to begin collaborating to achieve interdisciplinary breakthroughs in her investigation of next-generation batteries.

Due to their high-energy transfer efficiency and long cycle life, rechargeable batteries are regarded as ideal for storage. Renewable energy can be volatile and subject to regional limitations, so a wide breadth of electrochemical energy storage devices is necessary to make renewable energy accessible to the average consumer. These demands create a variety of research opportunities in both academia and industry that Mu is interested in pursuing.

Specifically, Mu says her research strives to “develop and engineer advanced electrode materials through the understanding of degradation mechanisms.” She is also interested in developing diverse battery chemistries, like all-solid-state batteries to improve safety.

“My mission is to ignite the major technological breakthroughs in energy storage devices by understanding and regulating the electronic/crystal structures, interfacial chemicals, physical properties, and electron/ion transport in these materials,” she says.

Before joining ASU, Mu was a research assistant professor at the University of Oregon. She earned her doctorate at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences before serving as a postdoctoral and senior research associate at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Written by Hayley Hilborn

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