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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Laura Cechanowicz

Assistant Professor, Graphic information technology

As someone whose areas of focus collide at the intersections of art and science, Laura Cechanowicz is a truly multidisciplinary academic. Their diverse expertise involves immersive arts-based research, media, spatialization and production and sound design, as well as animation and filmmaking.

“I think I naturally have the mind of an engineer and designer, approaching problems through systems thinking, engineering or designing and everything from spatial experiences to learning experiences,” says Cechanowicz, who has a joint appointment in The Polytechnic School, one of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and ASU’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering.

Cechanowicz says that their students should be prepared to expand their expectations, disrupt current systems and build innovative futures as outgrowths from current real-world research today.

Additionally, Cechanowicz says that students should expect to be part of a non-hierarchical learning experience where everyone is valued for their life experiences. In their classes, students will work as a team to leverage their unique individual strengths and overcome challenges together.

Before joining ASU, Cechanoewicz’s work was recognized and displayed as a virtual reality immersive experience at the Sundance Film Festival. Their multimedia collections have also been displayed at Venice Biennale where they were recognized for their production work in 2015.

Cechanowicz is excited to join ASU, noting that the university’s values mirror their own personal beliefs as both an educator and as a person.

“I strongly believe that ASU is at the forefront of innovation in technology, society and futures,” Cechanowicz says. “ASU’s charter to be judged based on who we include rather than who we exclude is powerfully aligned with my core values as an artist, facilitator and teacher.”

They also noted that they are looking forward to entering a role that is tailor-made for their unique background.

“I am excited to work closely with engineering and media production and ideation,” says Cechanowicz. “My work lies at the border of art and science, so being housed within a design school as well as within engineering is an ideal joint appointment for me.”

When they are not on campus, Cechanowicz has a wide range of interests, including plants, miniatures and watching television.

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