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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Kassidy Breaux

Lecturer, Graphic information technology

During her time in school, Kassidy Breaux found a passion for user experience and web design. She says that it was an ideal marriage of her interests in both design and technology.

“I found it intriguing that there is a psychological aspect of design, where the way colors, shapes, and language are used can be interpreted in different ways or representative of different things,” Breaux says.

“It also allows me to put my empathy superpower to use by placing myself in the mind of a user in order to create solutions,” she says. “I’m looking forward to teaching others all about this crazy world.”

Breaux is coming to Arizona State University from GoDaddy, where she was a senior user experience designer. For Breaux, who earned a master’s degree from the university in 2017, this is a homecoming.

Breaux says that she always intended to come back to ASU to teach. Now she has the opportunity to make that dream a reality, noting that teaching brings together her interests in storytelling and presentation, as well as the world of web design, web development and user experience.

“I’m most excited to help students find their passions within the world of technology,” says Breaux. “ASU is where I had my own ‘ah-ha’ moment, and I can’t wait to create that moment for someone else. I’m also excited to come into my own as a lecturer, mentor and educator.”

In her first semester as a faculty member, Breaux will be teaching a course on HTML/CSS, and another on design thinking. She anticipates teaching classes in the spring semester related to user experience.

Breaux says that she looks forward to supporting her students through their learning experiences.

“I plan to be an educator and a cheerleader for my students. I want to encourage them to find their niche, whatever that might be, and give 100% towards being successful at it,” she says.

When she’s at home, Breaux enjoys weight lifting and nutrition. She is also training her new puppy, a Schnauzer named Cooper.

Additionally, she is working with her husband on slowly DIY-ing their new home. They are currently building out office space with built-ins, a window seat and a floor-to-ceiling shiplap fireplace — all on their own.

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