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New Faculty Member, 2022–23

Dorsa Parviz

Assistant Professor, Chemical engineering

Dorsa Parviz was always interested in mathematics and physics, but says a few well-timed documentaries introduced her to nanotechnology and inspired her ardent interest in engineering matter at the molecular level. She thrived in exploring the interdisciplinary curriculum of her chemical engineering education, which provided her the basics of math, physics and chemistry — a foundation that gave her the freedom to explore the limitless intersections of the disciplines.

As an assistant professor for the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, one of the seven schools in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, Parviz is looking forward to nurturing that same scientific curiosity in her students.

Parviz received her doctoral degree in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University and served as a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining ASU. In her research, she uses experimental, theoretical and computational tools to understand colloidal and interfacial reactions at a nano- and microscale. This knowledge informs her design and engineering of novel material platforms with unique catalytic, structural and biosensing properties to address challenges in sustainable chemicals and materials production, carbon capture and conversion and health care.

During her postdoctoral studies, Parviz also collaborated with the Harvard School of Public Health and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences NanoSafety Center to investigate the environmental and biological interactions of engineered nanomaterials.

Using this expertise, Parviz will develop an engineering nanotechnology course that will acquaint students with nanoscale phenomena from a chemical engineering perspective. She will ensure students know the applications of these fundamentals in pioneering technologies like semiconductor design and DNA sequencing.

Parviz cites the accomplished faculty, lab resources, energetic students, innovative research and vivid campus life of ASU as reasons she chose to join the Fulton Schools.

“The futuristic vision of ASU as a tier 1 research institute to support STEM research to serve society and contribute to the future of humanity is very appealing to me,” she says. “It helps to bridge between STEM research and education and the real world with its opportunities and challenges.” 

Outside of her research, Parviz is an avid ice skater and swimmer. She is also a lover of literature, Victorian realists, Russian short-stories writers and modern South American novelists.

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Written by Hayley Hilborn

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