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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Christian Arenz

Assistant Professor, Electrical engineering

Christian Arenz is joining the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering in January 2022 and will bring his expertise in quantum computing to the lab and the classroom.

Arenz’s interest in quantum science is a true passion for him.

“Quantum computers are expected to redefine the modern technological landscape,” he says. “The fact that strange quantum features can be used to solve problems that a conventional computer would be incapable of is fascinating” 

While as a research scholar and lecturer at Princeton University, Arenz published several research papers in high ranked journals and enjoyed teaching graduate classes in quantum mechanics.

Arenz also brings a collaborative spirit to Arizona State University. He will be working closely with researchers at Google, IBM and other rising quantum technology companies and startups. He also plans on using Google and IBM’s quantum computing cloud services in his research and lectures.

In the lab, Arenz will focus on quantum control engineering. This branch of engineering provides a promising framework for addressing fragility and noise sensitivity issues while enabling the groundbreaking technological advances that quantum information science promises.   

In the classroom, Arenz is tentatively preparing for a special topics class in Spring 2022 on quantum information science.

When not focused on quantum controls, Arenz enjoys the great outdoors. 

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