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New Faculty Member, 2021-22

Ayca Tuzmen Yildirim

Lecturer, Engineering education

After earning her master’s degree in computer science and a doctoral degree in design computing from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Ayca Tuzmen Yildirim worked around the globe in both industry and education.

“But I missed being part of Arizona State University and I’m looking forward to contributing to the advancement of the ASU community,” she says.

Returning to ASU, Tuzmen Yildirim will introduce engineering design processes and software engineering principles to engineering students in the early years of their academic studies.

“I will be teaching an introduction to engineering course where I will introduce my students to the art and science of engineering,” she says.

Tuzmen Yildirim began her career as an architect and loved coming up with building design solutions.

“I love designing and solving technical problems, practicing with new technologies and finding ways to improve their design, performance and quality,” she says. “There is opportunity to improve existing technologies while designing new technologies with the help of software engineering.”

Most recently, Tuzmen Yildirim was a lecturer at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey. She previously was a faculty member at multiple schools throughout Turkey, Australia and the U.S. where she continued to design software applications.

“I received the first prize in a mobile app design competition organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Department in 2016 and was awarded the prize by Turkey’s first lady,” says Tuzmen Yildirim.

In her spare time, Tuzmen Yildirim enjoys playing beach volleyball, soccer and spending time forest bathing and gardening.

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