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New Faculty Member, 2022–23

Amarsagar Reddy Ramapuram Matavalam

Assistant Professor, Electrical engineering

Amarsagar Reddy “Amar” Ramapuram Matavalam found a passion for physics in his high school days. When the time came for him to choose a collegiate field of study, he found that electrical engineering aligned most closely with his interests. In particular, Ramapuram Matavalam is fascinated by the study of the power grid.

“The power grid is the backbone of modern society upon which most innovations in recent decades are based,” he says. “Solving the challenges on the pathway to a 100% green grid is my main interest, as this is directly related to the grand societal challenge of solving climate change.”

In his new role at Arizona State University’s School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering — one of the seven schools in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering — Ramapuram Matavalam will teach the EEE 571 Power System Transients class. The class will explore modeling and simulating transients in the power grid, which are short bursts of energy due to lightning and other events that can cause disruptions in electricity delivery and damage the grid.

Ramapuram Matavalam came to ASU to join faculty members he says are world-renowned in his research interest areas, which include machine learning, dynamical systems and power systems. He believes that the ability to conduct powerful, transformative research with these faculty members will make his work more effective in impacting the world.

Ramapuram Matavalam is also looking forward to exploring how machine learning and powerful modern computing technology can enhance the power grid. He says that emerging computing technologies such as machine learning have created opportunities for power grids to incorporate new research into their operations.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity as the emergence of renewables are incentivizing power grid utilities to explore and implement novel techniques from academia,” he says.

In addition to Ramapuram Matavalam’s attraction to the research environment at ASU, there was another helpful factor in deciding to accept a faculty position.

“The fact that there is no snow at ASU during winter is definitely an added benefit,” he says with a smile.

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Written by TJ Triolo

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