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New Faculty Member, 2022–23

Adwith Malpe

Lecturer, Academic and student affairs

Adwith Malpe has always been interested in societal problems and the pursuit of their solutions. He is captivated by what causes these issues and the best way to address them.

This curiosity fueled his undergraduate and graduate studies of computer engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, and more recently his work as an associate software engineer at Boeing.

“My learning experience at ASU was personally so enriching that I knew I wanted to come back one day and share some of the same with incoming students who are interested in engineering,” he says.

His enthusiasm was potent enough that Malpe is returning this fall as a lecturer, not long after his graduation at the end of 2021. He says he is excited to work with students and help them to achieve the most they can throughout their academic careers.

“I really look forward to helping them break down and understand challenging concepts as well as show them how to become the best versions of themselves as engineers,” he says.

One course that Malpe is particularly excited to teach is FSE 100 Introduction to Engineering. It shows students how to implement the engineering process to solve problems in the real world and how to consider all factors when coming up with an innovative solution.

“I really look forward to offering students their first taste of what it means to be an engineer and how can they work together to create something that will change the world for the better,” he says. 

Malpe says it is absolutely imperative for his students to review any relevant material prior to the beginning of each session. He says that having a clear idea of what they will learn before they come to class will solidify their understanding during class.

“Another pro tip for students is to constantly ask questions,” he says. “Engaging in discussions is critically important to better facilitate understanding. But the learning experience is also meant to be fun! The more students engage, the more they will enjoy my courses.”

When not engaged in his own work, Malpe loves to play basketball, read books, watch Marvel movies and learn new languages.

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Written by Gary Werner

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