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Meet Spring 2016’s outstanding, distinguished undergraduates

Meet Spring 2016’s outstanding, distinguished undergraduates

At the end of each spring and fall semester, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering takes time to recognize the commendable efforts of some of our outstanding and distinguished graduating students.

Students selected as Outstanding Undergraduates are honored for their exemplary academic performance. To qualify, they must graduate with a minimum 3.40 grade point average and have participated in major-specific or Fulton Schools activities. The Distinguished Service Award recipients have been singled out for their contributions to the Fulton Schools community in leadership, volunteer and service roles.

These exceptional students have excelled in research, community service, entrepreneurship and outreach, leaving a lasting and beneficial impact on the Fulton Schools community as well as Arizona and elsewhere. Many of these graduates have served as extraordinary representatives of ASU through industry internships, volunteer efforts or as ambassadors to communicate the mission of the Fulton Schools and the university as a whole.

Select a link below to read about some of the talented, bright minds graduating from the Fulton Schools in Spring 2016:

Outstanding Undergraduates

Rick Ahlf, Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics), Sustainability

Mobeen Ahmad, Manufacturing Engineering

Ariel Blackman, Graphic Information Technology

Jeffrey Capaci, Construction Engineering

Wesley Coomber, Software Engineering

Jorge Cardenas, Electrical Engineering

David “DJ” Dickinson, Technological Entrepreneurship and Management

Melissa Dunn, Engineering Management

Nathaniel Flick, Computer Systems Engineering

Thomas Fyffe II, Construction Management

Patrick Gaines, Computer Science

Andrew Hickey, Mechanical Engineering

David Hutchens, Aeronautical Management Technology

Adam Johnson, Human Systems Engineering

Morgan Kelley, Chemical Engineering

Nathan Kirkpatrick, Biomedical Engineering, English Literature

Logan Mathesen, Industrial Engineering

David Mejia, Informatics

Lynne Nethken, Engineering

Daniela Panfil, Civil Engineering, Sustainability

Anna Weiss, Materials Science and Engineering

Distinguished service awards

Kristen Brown, Chemical Engineering

Emily Herring, Biomedical Engineering

Mikayle Holm, Biomedical Engineering

Matthew Jackson, Electrical Engineering

Ashley Krueger, Computer Systems Engineering

Sanya Mehta, Chemical Engineering, Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology

Sami Mian, Computer Systems Engineering, Computational Mathematical Sciences

Leo Osorio, Computer Science, Information Security

Jessa Schwarting, Computer Science

Kyle Walter, Human Systems Engineering

Gold Ceremony speaker

Sami Mian, Computer Systems Engineering, Computational Mathematical Sciences

Maroon Ceremony speaker

Priya Nair, Biomedical Engineering

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